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The purity of New Zealand Honey

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Tāima Honey brings you the mountainside, sunshine and the wild nature of New Zealand as well as the unique goodness of Tāima Honey.

Add to cart Home of our wild and organic Tāima. Its surrounding hillsides are home to some of Queenstown’s most beautiful scenery. Flat and terraced areas where miners back in the 1800's searched for gold using a ground sluicing method where the larger rocks were put into piles in a herringbone pattern to direct water and washed material through a sluice channel to separate out the gold. Miners Rush Vintage 2019 Our Vintages $22.50

Our Story


Our Story

Our family are passionate about the small part of New Zealand they come from - Queenstown.

The McCammon family passionate about New Zealand and Queenstown where they come from. They have been showing this piece of paradise to visitors from around the world for the past 39 years.. With the borders closed, and no visitors, they wondered: what next?

If they couldn’t bring international visitors to Queenstown, maybe they can take Queenstown to the world.

Our landscape is breathtaking and there is so much to see. But more than the stunning landscape, Queenstown brings so much to your taste buds as well. Queenstown produces some of the most luscious food and drink in the whole of New Zealand.

Our beekeepers are equally passionate about the land and Bees are a vital part of the ecology of the land. Our bees feed off natural flowers, creating some of the best honey in the world.

While the land supports the bees, the bees support the diversity of the land. Truly the essence of New Zealand in microcosm.

Our family realized that honey could be a unique way to bring New Zealand to the world. To be true to New Zealand and its history, they decided to call the new thyme honey, Tāima – which means “thyme” in Maori.

The flower Thyme was originally brought into this part of New Zealand from the early Gold Mining pioneers during the 1800’s. Used for health benefits due to the very harsh living conditions bearing in mind that these early gold miners lived beside rivers and large rocky mountains panning away to try and make a living.

When Tāima was brought to the Queenstown area during the gold rush of the 1860’s it moved into the environment where it now grows wild and organic throughout.

Tāima Honey represents the kindness and collaboration between humankind and the nature. Brought to you in a jar.

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Queenstown, New Zealand

During the 1800’s, gold miners introduced the wild Tāima flower to the Queenstown area as the old gold miners understood the health properties that came from other cultures over hundreds of years. Wild thyme has traveled through many civilizations right back as far as early Egyptian and Roman empires manly for its perceived healing properties.


Tāima Honey Health Benefits

Did you know that Tāima has amazing healing properties. 

Tāima is a wonderful herb used in many different ways throughout the world. It is also great for helping the body heal. Wild Tāima Honey is known to have one of the highest antioxidant ratings of any honey in the world. Making our honey even more special coming from the Unique New Zealand environment. 


Our Bee-keepers

Our bee-keepers have a passion for caring for the nature and the environment. Its a collaboration between people and bees to make you the finest 100% pure New Zealand honey.

We work in some of the most pristine and untouched locations in the World.

We do hope you enjoy our amazing honey just like we do. Tāima Honey is a superfood which should be part of everyones daily diet. 

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100% Pure New Zealand Honey

New Zealand is well-known for its green and beautiful landscape. New Zealand has breathtaking landscapes that vary from region to region, and its people value sustainability and truly care about its environment. This world renowned honey from New Zealand has a long history and is of significant value for both Maori and early European, Chinese settlers for medicinal purposes. 

Our Tāima honey is from Queenstown. Queenstown is located at the South Island of New Zealand. Its rugged landscape, with snow capped peaks and sunny mountainsides is famous, attracting visitors and film makers from around the world.

Where is my honey from?

Queenstown, New Zealand

There are only two places in the world where this is available, and Queenstown, New Zealand is one of them. Thyme was brought to Queenstown by Gold Rush miners in the 19th century, and has grown wild here ever since. Now we are bring this unique taste of Queenstown to the world.

Quality you can trust

Lovely taste, I will certainly be buying again soon”

Sarah United Kingdom

Sweet on the nose very floral tasting, soft on the palate”

Ben New Zealand

I love the difference in the vintages. The taste is amazing. Love being able to purchase a taste of New Zealand”

Bill Philadelphia USA


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    Queenstown, New Zealand

    There are only two places in the world where this is available, and Queenstown, New Zealand is one of them. Thyme was brought to Queenstown by Gold Rush miners in the 18th century, and has grown wild here ever since. Now we are bring this unique taste of Queenstown to the world.