Doctors Point NO. 8

Gold was discovered here during 1877. Many Chinese prospectors worked at Doctors Point. In 1895 a Chinese miner found 100 pounds worth of gold in a rock crevice over the course of three days, which was a huge and historic find.
Tāima is a powerhouse herb, planted here by the miners during the gold rush era of the 1800’s and used remedially during this time. Tāima now grows wild throughout the Central Otago region turning the hill sides into a majestic purple color.
Historically the flower thyme was used by the Chinese miners for its taste, antiseptic and antibacterial properties as thyme oil has been used medically for centuries. Central Otago’s Gold rush era saw thousands of Chinese travel to the region in search for gold with most making the journey from China’s Southern Guangdong Province.

Our Tāima Honey Doctors Point NO 8 is renowned for its special qualities, experience our special place in the world.

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Thyme honey is special because of its health benefits and taste.

The Ancient Greeks used thyme honey in their diets. One of the things that makes Tāima Honey so special because of its powerful antioxidant properties.

The type of antioxidants found in thyme honey have been labelled “defensive antioxidants.

Tāima Honey has a distinct herbal flavour, and can be used in creating fine food.

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100% Pure New Zealand Thyme Honey
100% Wholefood Source
Grown Wild & Organic
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Doctors Point NO. 8